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Ankle socks

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Our ankle socks are made from high quality bamboo and cotton. The socks are super soft, and your feet will be fresh and comfortable throughout the day. The socks are made from 40% bamboo, which gives the ankle socks an antibacterial characteristic, and as they are sweat repellent, your foot will stay dry and fresh. This model is perfect for any shoes and is the ultimate discrete sock.

Ankle Bamboo socks – White, 10 pairs Ankle Bamboo socks – White, 10 pairs
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Ankle Bamboo socks – White, 10 pairs

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Everyone needs Ankle socks

Our ankle socks are made from 40% bamboo and 60% cotton. This gives the ankle sock the softness that bamboo has, and the cotton gives the fabric more durability. The socks are available in black and white, and are the perfect element for your wardrobe basics. Ankle socks are suitable for all types of shoes, and are perfect when the weather is warm or when you just want to have discrete socks. The fabric is antibacterial, and this will make your feet comfortable and dry even on the warmest summer days. The ankle sock is a must in every man’s closet, and they will be soft on your feet. No matter what shoes you have, the socks will discreetly keep you comfortable and fresh. Also, the ankle sock is woven in 32 double layers, which means that the fabric is twice as durable: It has extra strength at the toes and the heel which makes the ankle sock even more reliable and long-lasting.


High quality

These ankle socks are made from a combination of bamboo and cotton, and this gives the fabric the characteristics of both. The bamboo provides an incredible softness, and is antibacterial which makes your feet stay dry and fresh through the day, and all unwanted smells are kept away. Next, the ankle socks are 60% cotton, and this cotton is combed and has longer fibers than the bamboo, which therefore makes the fabric more durable. We are super proud of the quality of our ankle socks, and we know that every man deserves to be equipped with good socks. It’s common that socks are a low priority, and that you walk around in the same worn out socks for way too long before actually remembering or prioritizing buying new ones. This is a problem which is easy to solve and you don’t have to spend that much to invest in a good sock wardrobe. Order our ankle socks today; it’s the perfect luxury that every wallet allows, no matter the time of the month.


Affordable luxury

We all know the feeling when you are stressed and on your way to a meeting or a party, and you are almost ready to go, but then you can’t find a fresh pair of socks. They are either old and worn out with holes, or the ones you want are in the laundry basket. Undy is the perfect solution for this problem. Our ankle socks are made in high-quality and are offered at an affordable price: this is the most comfortable solution. The ankle socks are made from bamboo and are therefore super soft, and with 60% cotton – the fabric is extra durable. No matter how many times you wash the socks, they will keep their fit and stay soft. This is the perfect upgrade for your underwear drawer. It will make your stressful life a bit easier, and you will never be late to work again because of non-existent socks. We offer our ankle socks in both 5 and 10 -packs, and these will make a huge difference in your closet. The small luxurious parameters are not to be underestimated, and the soft ankle socks will brighten up every grey morning.


Don’t be without socks again

Undy gives you several options to solve the problem of an insufficient underwear drawer. Either you order a 5 or 10-pack of ankle socks today, or you sign up for our membership and start a subscription for bamboo socks. If you choose the subscription method, you save 20% on all products and you get shipping for free. No matter whether you choose the subscription model or order a bunch now, you will get good quality at a super price. Our aim is to make you as happy as possible, and we therefore want to offer you the best deal possible. We consider all steps in the product: quality, comfort, fit, sustainability, and pricing, and always have your interest in mind. Our ankle socks are therefore a good contribution to the sock market, as it is the perfect combination of bamboo and cotton, which gives the perfect softness and durability. Undy’s ankle socks are carefully produced to be the perfect fit and quality. The fabric is woven in 32 double layers, which means that the fabric is twice as durable. It also has extra strength at the toes and the heel to be even more reliable and long-lasting.


Wide range of socks

We want to be the perfect match for every man; therefore we offer a wide range of different socks. The socks are available in several colors, models and packages. So, whether you want regular bamboo socks, ankle socks or tennis socks, we’ve got something for you. With only a few clicks you can be set with fresh ankle socks for quite some time. All we can say for sure is that no matter whether you buy ankle socks, tennis socks or regular bamboo socks, every man deserves our soft bamboo socks. Undy is here to offer your feet comfort, high-quality and an affordable price. It is the small things that brighten up your everyday, and socks are one of those small things that shouldn’t be underestimated. Say goodbye to your worn out socks once and for all, and welcome some new and fresh ankle socks to stock your underwear drawer.

Undy’s bamboo socks are made from 40% bamboo, and therefore have the softness that only bamboo has. However, it’s also made from 60% cotton, which makes them more durable. The combination of bamboo and cotton makes the bamboo socks the best quality possible, and this is the perfect sock to fill your wardrobe with. With our membership you ensure you always have a few fresh pairs of socks ready to use, and the era of old and worn-out ankle socks is over. This is the perfect quality bamboo socks, at an affordable price, and you will never have to think about buying ankle socks ever again.



Size guide

The following chart shows the measure around bust and waist (cm), so that you can find the right size for you.

Size Waist (cm) Bust (cm)
S 76 - 82 91 - 95
M 83 - 86 96 - 99
L 87 - 94 100 - 104
XL 95 - 101 105 - 109
XXL 102 - 107 110 - 117