Bamboo socks

Bamboo socks

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Our bamboo socks are made from high quality bamboo and cotton. The socks are super soft, and your feet will be fresh and comfortable throughout the day. The socks are made from 40% bamboo, which gives these bamboo socks an antibacterial characteristic, and as they are sweat repellent, your foot will stay dry and fresh. These bamboo socks have extra strength over the toes and heels, which makes them super durable.

Bamboo socks – Black, 20 pairs Bamboo socks – Black, 20 pairs
UK 10-13 / EU 44-48 UK 6-9 / EU 39-43
SAVE 25%

Bamboo socks – Black, 20 pairs

128,0 96,0
Ankle Bamboo socks – White, 10 pairs Ankle Bamboo socks – White, 10 pairs
UK 6-9 / EU 39-43 UK 10-13 / EU 44-48
SAVE 13%

Ankle Bamboo socks – White, 10 pairs

56,0 49,0
Bamboo socks – Black, 10 pairs Bamboo socks – Black, 10 pairs
UK 6-9 / EU 39-43 UK 10-13 / EU 44-48
SAVE 17%

Bamboo socks – Black, 10 pairs

64,0 53,0
UK 6-9 / EU 39-43 UK 10-13 / EU 44-48

High-quality Bamboo Socks

There is nothing more irritating than when there is a hole in your socks, and when do you ever remember to buy new socks? This is just one of those things that is so often forgotten, and under-prioritized, and you end up putting on those worn-out socks again and again. New socks are boring to buy and spend money on. Undy has a solution for this. With our socks membership, you get new and super soft socks at an affordable price. Our bamboo socks will come to you in the time interval you choose, and you will never have to think about buying socks again. The socks are made from 40% bamboo, which makes them incredibly soft. However, bamboo has very short fibers, and we have therefore combined the fabric in a mix of bamboo and – cotton, which makes the fabric more durable and stronger.

Bamboo socks come with a lot of pros. The bamboo gives the fabric an antibacterial characteristic, and this will help to keep your feet fresh and dry through the day. It is both sweat repellent and keeps any bad smells away. Also, our socks are fantastically soft and you will be comfortable throughout the day. No matter what kind of occasion or activity you have on your schedule, a pair of bamboo socks will be suitable. For a long day at the office, at the gym, or a long and sweaty night dancing, bamboo socks will keep your feet fresh and dry.

Undy’s socks are carefully produced to be the perfect fit and quality. The fabric is woven in 32 double layers, which means that the fabric is twice as durable. The high quality comes from the combination of bamboo and cotton, and the fabric has extra strength over the toes and heels to be durable and avoid any holes. The bamboo gives the fabric super soft characteristics, and will make you have a comfortable day, no matter what shoes you have. Our socks are available in a wide selection of different colors, and you will find something that is the perfect match for your shoes.


Smart concept for bamboo socks:

We all know that buying socks is very rarely prioritized and something you don’t want to spend time on. But at the same time, new socks are one of the best feelings. Our socks are incredibly soft and comfortable, and would make every day a little bit better for you. We have a solution for you, that gives you the bamboo socks without demanding any time or effort from you. By signing up to our membership, you get socks delivered to your door. Every 2nd month, you will receive 5 pairs of new Bamboo socks.  This subscription will make sure that old and worn-out socks are nothing but a distant memory. Without ever having to think about buying new socks, your underwear drawer will be well equipped for whatever occasion and activities you have on your schedule. Our socks will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the day, and your feet stay fresh and dry. No matter what shoes, or whether you are going to the gym or office, you will have a pleasant experience with our bamboo socks. Our solution is perfect for any man with a stressful everyday life, and who still wants comfortable socks. This is the perfect affordable luxury that every man deserves.

You can buy our bamboo socks in the web-shop, where we offer different models, colors and packages. You can choose whether you want to buy a bunch of bamboo socks today or the subscription service that will ensure that you never run out of socks. It will give your wardrobe a long-term boost, and you will never have to worry about not having fresh socks.  When subscribing to our bamboo socks membership, you save a lot of money and you get shipping for free. This is too good not to try because every man needs bamboo socks, and this is the perfect and affordable deal. When subscribing to our membership, you are in control. You have no commitments or obligation, and can choose to pause or end your membership whenever you want to.

Wide range of socks

We want to be the perfect match for every man; therefore we offer a wide range of different bamboo socks. The socks are therefore available in several colors, models and packages, so whether you want them white or blue, ankle or regular, we’ve got something for you.  You can get the bamboo socks in a pack with several socks, five, ten or a one-week pack. So you can click order on your new socks today, and be set with fresh bamboo socks for quite some time. Or if you prefer to get 5 pairs sent to you every 2nd month, then the subscription solution is a better option for you. All we can say for sure is, that no matter whether you buy them all today or over a subscription, every man deserves our soft bamboo socks. Treat your feet to that comfort, and your mind to that luxury. It is the small things that brighten up your day.

Undy’s bamboo socks are made from 40% bamboo, and therefore have the softness that only bamboo has. However, it’s also made from 60% cotton, which makes them more durable. The combination of bamboo and cotton makes the bamboo socks the best quality possible, and this is the perfect sock to fill your wardrobe with. With our membership you ensure you always have a few fresh pairs ready to use, and the era of old and worn-out socks is over. This is the perfect quality bamboo socks, at an affordable price., and you will never have to think about buying socks ever again.

Size guide

The following chart shows the measure around bust and waist (cm), so that you can find the right size for you.

Size Waist (cm) Bust (cm)
S 76 - 82 91 - 95
M 83 - 86 96 - 99
L 87 - 94 100 - 104
XL 95 - 101 105 - 109
XXL 102 - 107 110 - 117