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All our Boxer Shorts are made from high quality poplin cotton. The Boxer Shorts are made in an Easy-Care material and weigh only 120 g. We have focused on finding the perfect comfort in our Boxer Shorts, making them super light and airy. At Undy, we believe that men’s underwear is the most important piece of clothing, and that you are worth having an underwear drawer with fresh and comfortable Boxer Shorts


Boxer Shorts in the highest quality

We believe that Boxer Shorts are the most important piece of clothing. Still, it is all too common for men to have a closet filled with old and worn-out Boxer Shorts. A fresh pair of Boxer Shorts, in a perfect fit and in super soft and light fabric, will make your everyday life a bit more relaxed and comfortable. The Boxer Shorts are made from poplin cotton, and they are super soft and light with a weight of only 120 grams/m^2.
When the month comes to an end, you don’t feel like spending too much money on new Boxer Shorts. It is therefore common for you walk around in the same underwear for too long. This is something we want to change. When you buy Boxer Shorts from Undy, they are high quality and at an affordable price. This makes Undy the perfect choice, no matter what time of the month it is.

Affordable, yet also high quality and carefully designed to stay in a nice and classic style, giving you a loose and airy feeling throughout the day. Undy’s Boxer Shorts are perfect for any occasion and any wallet. Our men’s underwear are available in different models, designs and colours – we’ve got something for every man. We also offer a subscription-based service on Boxer Shorts, where you get the underwear straight to your door. This ensures that you never run out of Boxer Shorts.

Quality and Affordability

Our Boxer Shorts are at a perfectly affordable price, no matter when in the month you buy them. They are also made from high-quality cotton, and are OEKO-tex certified. Undy’s Boxer Shorts are perfect for any man and will bring comfort to your everyday life, whether that is going to an office or running a marathon.

We have always had comfort at heart when finding the perfect Boxer Shorts. The fabric is light, loose and airy, with a weight of only 120 grams/m^2. The poplin fabric is incredibly soft, and we’ve avoided using any itchy labels. All this so that you have a nice and comfortable experience from our Boxer Shorts.
Our designs – from playful to natural

Our designs are offered in a wide selection of patterns and colours. For those who prefer Boxer Shorts in black, white or navy blue – we’ve got the perfect basic ones. However, we also have colourful and exotic Boxer Shorts, for those men who prefer something a little bit more playful.

You find the perfect basics in several different colours: in white, blue, black, or grey. These are the perfect foundation for your wardrobe.

In addition to our nice designs, we have great focus on the comfort of our Boxer Shorts. We always try to find new designs for our underwear. It is a continuous process to always make them better and more comfortable.

We know that all of us feel a little bit better when we know that we look good from top to toe, and both inside and out. One should therefore never underestimate the power of having nice Boxer Shorts. We offer a wide range of designs, so that every man has the opportunity to find something they like. Under the Boxer Shorts category in the menu, you find all of our products, just pick and choose what you like.

Boxer Shorts for men

At undy.co we have a wide variety of different Boxer Shorts. Our boxer briefs are in a loose fit, and weigh only 120 grams/m^2, making them super light and soft. These Boxer Shorts are the perfect underwear, and made from super soft OEKO-tex certified cotton and in an Easy-Care material. With Boxer Shorts from Undy you don’t need to choose between quality and affordability.

Our boxer briefs are suitable for all occasions and all types of pants. Being made in an Easy-Care material, they are also easy to take care of.

If you prefer something looser and airier, don’t worry – our Boxer Shorts are perfect for you. Our Boxer Shorts are super soft and light. The fabric is in an easy-care material, which makes them look good at all times. These Boxer Shorts are for men that don’t want a tight and claustrophobic feeling, but a more open and airier one. This model is, like the briefs, high quality and at the same affordable price.


Subscription on underwear

Do you have a busy and stressful life, perhaps kids that need to be picked up from school and deadlines at work? We know that it’s sometimes hard to prioritize yourself and keep up with the small and seemingly less important tasks, such as buying new Boxer Shorts. Therefore, we are here to help. With an Undy membership, you ensure you never run out of Boxer Shorts again. Simply, the underwear will come to you. Every other month, two pairs of fresh and new underwear will be at your door; you don’t have to think about or plan it.

You never have to go out on a hunt for nice Boxer Shorts again. Soon, your underwear drawer will be updated with high-quality underwear: an affordable luxury every man deserves. It will make every day a little bit more comfortable.

You will be sure that you will never be without Boxer Shorts again. You choose what time interval you want yourself, and you’re in control. Also, you can always choose to switch between different models or colours, from one delivery to the next, to make sure you get the Boxer Shorts you really want.
With one membership, all your problems will fade away. No more worn-out underwear. Only fresh, comfortable and nicely designed Boxer Shorts. With good quality, easy-care and light material, you can be sure your Boxer Shorts will give you a light and soft experience. Instead of using itchy washing labels, the washing information is printed directly on the fabric, to enable the best and most comfortable experience possible. This is the perfect opportunity for a long-term update of your wardrobe.
As a member of Undy, you get 20% off on all Boxer Shorts, and you’ll have full control. You can log on to your profile to check and edit your next delivery of Boxer Shorts, if you want to change the colour, model, or postpone the next delivery. With only a few clicks you can make the changes you like. You have no commitments or binding contract, and we want the membership to be on your terms – the focus is that you get the Boxer Shorts that you want. Therefore, there are no additional costs, you only pay for the Boxer Shorts you receive. As a member, you even get the shipping for free.

Our subscription is made from the desire to be transparent and simple. There are no hidden costs, or any binding contract. If you want to end your subscription on Boxer Shorts, this is only a few clicks away. With every Undy-box you get two pairs of new Boxer Shorts, and your wardrobe will soon be every man’s dream. This is the perfect subscription service to make a stressful life easier, or just to treat yourself to some luxury. Every man deserves comfortable underwear, and with our membership, you never have to think about it again, but still enjoy the luxury. In addition to all of this, you get good quality at an affordable price. Also, you get a good deal and can test it for a super price with one of our trial packs.

An Undy membership is the solution to your sad wardrobe. Being a member, we will ensure that you always have plenty of fresh and nice Boxer Shorts ready to use, and for any occasion. It’s typical that you realize that you don’t have any clean or non-worn underwear, when you’re late or stressed and need to be on your way. No matter whether you are going to the gym, the office or a party, an underwear subscription will make sure that you always have a pair of fresh Boxer Shorts in your drawer.

Sign up for an Undy subscription today, and make sure you never end up without Boxer Shorts again. You will have high quality, nice looking and comfortable Boxer Shorts ready for you every day. Let Undy make your life easier.
Undy is not only about Boxer Shorts. It’s about saving time, high comfort, quality and a luxurious experience. As a bonus, you will save 20% on all of our products, and you get shipping for free. This is a great deal, and you don’t want to miss out on it.

The aim of Undy is to create comfortable underwear and make your everyday life easier. With a weight of only 120 grams/m^2 and in an easy-care material, the underwear will give you a soft and loose experience. You will be comfortable, and your underwear drawer will be nicely updated with new and nice Boxer Shorts.


The perfect solution – Boxer Shorts from Undy

Imagine having a subscription for Boxer Shorts: you will soon be well equipped with comfortable underwear. If you need new underwear, then this is the perfect solution for you. You get a trial package today for an incredibly good price, and there is no reason not to try it. Then you will realize that these are the best Boxer Shorts you could have. In high-quality, soft fabric and at an affordable price. These are the Boxer Shorts that will make your life much easier and more comfortable. We have several different models, designs and colours, and we for sure have a perfect pair of Boxer Shorts for you.

You can switch between the types of Boxer Shorts in your membership, from one delivery to another. So, you can get all the colours and patterns you want.

All our Boxer Shorts are made to have the perfect fit. It has been a continuous process over the last year, where we are now super happy with the fit on our designs. With easy-care and a weight of only 120 grams/m^2, the underwear is incredibly soft and loose.

Size guide

The following chart shows the measure around bust and waist (cm), so that you can find the right size for you.

Size Waist (cm) Bust (cm)
S 76 - 82 91 - 95
M 83 - 86 96 - 99
L 87 - 94 100 - 104
XL 95 - 101 105 - 109
XXL 102 - 107 110 - 117