Both the underwear and sock subscription is 29,00 € if you buy within EU. Outside of EU, VAT is not applied and the price is 25€. Please be aware that local country taxes might be added before receiving the package. 

Your trial pack contains only one pair of underwear. This gives you a chance to test the underwear yourself so that you can find out how comfortable they are. We are confident that no matter what activity you perform – the Undys will stay in place throughout the day.  This is why we want to let you try Undy for such a good price.

However, if you’re not happy with Undy, you have no obligation to proceed with your membership. And you can always choose to end it or put it into pause.

After your trial period of 1 moth, we will send you your very first Undy-box. The box contains two pairs of underwear. You can also choose to add socks or have a box with only socks and no underwear in it. You can always log in to your account and change the socks or underwear, or pick a different size, model, or color of your underwear. You will then get a renewal every second month, or at your preferred time interval, which you are able to change in your account

If you haven’t made changes in your profile, you will receive the same underwear as the ones you chose for your trial pack. On your profile, you can change the color, model, size, or pattern, on either one or both of the underwear.

We withdraw the money from your account when the order has left our warehouse. This applies to both the trial pack and the membership packages. You’re not charged any additional fees for the membership, you pay only for the underwear you get.

Yes, the price is the same for all of our underwear. 

At Undy you can cancel your membership anytime you want. We do not have any type of cancellation period. You can easily, log in to your account and either end or put your membership on pause for a period of time.

If you no longer want to receive packages from Undy, you can choose to end or pause your membership. Undy is fully flexible – and you chose yourself if and when you want to stop, or if you need a break from the membership for a while. You can change the status of your membership on your account, under “Membership Status.”

The usual renewal time is every other month. However, you are in full control and can always choose when to get your next package. If you want to skip one, get it sent today, or edit the time interval – you choose yourself by login in on your account.

Delivery time depends on where you order from. Follow the link below for more information.



Yes, it is possible to buy our products if you’r not a member. Here you find the webshop.


If you wish to return a package to us or change to another size or color, follow the instructions here https://undy.co/return-items/



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365 days a year.

Size guide

The following chart shows the measure around bust and waist (cm), so that you can find the right size for you.

Size Waist (cm) Bust (cm)
S 76 - 82 91 - 95
M 83 - 86 96 - 99
L 87 - 94 100 - 104
XL 95 - 101 105 - 109
XXL 102 - 107 110 - 117