Terms & Conditions


1. Business Information

Undy ApS (Hereafter, called Undy)

Egegårdsvej 5

2610 Rødovre

CVR: 39843811



2. Price and payment terms

All prices on the website are in EUR, inkl. VAT and commissions. The rights are reserved for any currency changes, costs for delivery failure and changes in commissions or fees.


It is possible to pay with the following debit/credit cards: 



and, PayPal


The web shop is set up with an SSL-certificate, where all traffic between our customers and servers is encrypted. The total amount in EUR will be drawn when the package is sent from the Undy warehouse. 



3. Shipment


Down below you’ll find a link, follow the link to find information about delivery time, and prices for all the countries we ship to. Please be aware that delivery addresses outside major cities might experience 1-3 days longer delivery time.


If you haven’t received your package within the stated time, please check your track and trace link, otherwise contact us by email: hello@undy.co


Follow the link: https://undy.co/delivery-information/



4. Return policy


You have the right to receive a refund on a return for 365 days, when buying a product. The right to receive a refund on a product expire 365 days after the day you: 


    If you are returning a product within 365 days, you should inform us that you want to return the product. The information should be sent in an email to hello@undy.co.


    You are not allowed to regret your purchase by only neglecting the product without informing us about this. 


    The return policy only applies then the product is returned in the same condition and quantity as you received it in. The return will be rejected if the Undy mark which is attached to the underwear is broken. 




    You should send us the return at least 14 days after you have informed us that you want to use your right to return the product. You can find more information about how to return your items here: https://undy.co/return-items/


    Purchase refund   

    If you meet the requirements for a refund of the product, we will pay the full amount back. If there is any damage to the product, this will be withdrawn from the payback amount. 


    We refund all payments received from the customer, including shipping costs (but not additional costs due to you having chosen other forms of delivery than the cheapest standard delivery that we offer). The refund will be done within 14 days from the day which we receive the returned package.


    The amount will be paid back to the same means of payment, as the customer used at the original purchase, unless otherwise agreed. 


    We reserve the right to retain the refund until the return has been received, unless we have been provided with documentation before you have returned the product. 



    Returning products should be sent to: 

    Undy ApS

    Egegårdsvej 5

    2610 Rødovre




    Please note that we do not accept packages sent by COD or “without delivery”.




    5. Defected products


    At Undy you always have 24 months right to get a refund if the product is defected or deviating from what you purchased. In case of errors and defects in delivery, please notify us within a reasonable time after you discover the error. The complaint is only justified if the error has not occurred as a result of incorrect use of the product or if the product has been defected through natural use.


    If the complaint is justified we won’t refund your shipping expenses. 


    Remember to contact us before you send the product in return. That applies to all complaints.



    Returning products should be sent to: 

    Undy ApS

    Egegårdsvej 5

    2610 Rødovre





    6. Create an account


    Our system can automatically create an account for you when you proceed with a purchase. This is not equivalent to being signed up to a subscription. 



    7. Subscription terms and conditions


     To conclude the agreement

    The subscription terms and conditions apply to all types of subscriptions. If you change names, address, email or payment details, this should be changed on your account in the web shop. Alternatively, you can notify us with the new details by sending us an email on hello@undy.co.


    You are only eligible for one trial package per household or user, to a price of €1. 


    Here, reservations are taken for any campaigns or promotions. Multiple trial packages will be hereafter be prices 16€ per piece excluding shipping. 



    The subscription period and cancellation 

    The agreement applies from the first day of your order of a trial package, and continues  until you cancel the subscription or due to default payment. The subscription does not have any cancellation period, and when you cancel the subscription it will be terminated immediately. The subscription is therefore without any commitments on your part. The subscription should be cancelled before we send the product from our warehouse. Otherwise you will have to return the product to get the refund. You find the cancellation function on your account, which you access by logging in on our website, https://undy.co/my-account/


    Alternatively, you can notify us about your cancellation on hello@undy.co




    The payment for your subscription will be drawn from the credit card you have registered. We will draw money from your account when we have sent the package from our warehouse. Your order will usually be sent on the first weekday after we have received your order. The same applies for future renewals of your subscription.


    If you need to update your payment information, you will need to login to your account and make changes. Under the page “your information”. 



    Violation of the subscription  

    If you violate the subscription terms and conditions, Undy has the right to terminate the agreement without further notice. 




    8. Gift card 


    All Undy gift cards expire after 3 years from the date of issuance. It is possible to get a refund on the purchase of the gift card if it is sent electronically. To get a return on the gift card, send an email to hej@undy.dk including the name and telephone number of the buyer, accompanied by the account and registration number for the money refund. 


    It is not possible to get a refund for a gift card on our subscription, if sent physically. If you do not want to use the gift card, you can get a voucher that you can use in our web shop instead. 



    9. Data & Privacy Policies


    When you make a purchase at Undy, you also agree to our privacy policies. You have the right to refuse this at any time, and you have the right to access the information we have stored in your name. You can read more about our privacy policies here: https://undy.co/privatlivspolitik/


    Undy uses cookies to be able to optimize your experience on our website. You can choose not to accept cookies and block cookies in your web browser, please note that this will affect your buying experience. 



    Data collection

    We use log statistics at Undy, which means that we collect data and information about how many visitors we have, and how they find our website. The statistics are used to improve the customer experience of Undy, and optimize our business. 




    10. Complaints


    If you are not satisfied with the product, please send a complaint to with an inquiry to hello@undy.co


    If we don’t come to an agreement, you have the right to proceed with you complaint to other parties.

    Size guide

    The following chart shows the measure around bust and waist (cm), so that you can find the right size for you.

    Size Waist (cm) Bust (cm)
    S 76 - 82 91 - 95
    M 83 - 86 96 - 99
    L 87 - 94 100 - 104
    XL 95 - 101 105 - 109
    XXL 102 - 107 110 - 117